Beijing meets IKEA

I’ve become even more intrigued by Beijing’s IKEA after learning from Yimei that the one she visits in Shanghai is quite different (i.e. much more orderly and conventional). I guess these scenes are perhaps truly unique to this city.

Hopefully the following snapshots give some idea of how Swedish marketing genius and Beijinger attitude have mixed to turn a multi-storey shopping complex into something that feels far more like a community centre/social hotspot/family lounge. It really is a fascinating, if somewhat overwhelming, place.

Allow me to take you on a short guided tour…

Here’s the common room for recreation:

Well, this works as a common room too:

Here’s a transit lounge/waiting area:

An awkward dinner party:

A romantic getaway for two:

A patio social:

A corner for a good old heart-to-heart (all it’s missing is tea or coffee):

A cozy book-filled corner for a kid to have a daydream or two:

An office space if you’ve some urgent paperwork to catch up on, like these two apparently do:

Some nicely furnished family nooks:

Plenty of spots for general chilling (/furniture fatigue recovery):

Easily accessible napping areas:

And lastly, quite a few people find a time and place for some thoughtfulness or detachment from it all: