Stockholm, 2009

Wasn’t quite expecting to see these in a Swedish shop window:

And I definitely was not expecting the King of Pop’s death, which happened while I was there….. RIP Michael Jackson.

Glimpse of the Moderna Museet gift shop

It’s a marvellous little museum that’s on its own tiny island. Awesome audioguides, too. (If i remember correctly you sort of waved them like wands at the designated stickers on the wall and everything happened magically from there…)

Speaking of magic, this cool-faced bin looked a bit like it was casting spells/blasting out oil paintings:

As someone who doesn’t know the language, just about any word looked rather fantastic to me

These three didn’t look too thrilled about the construction-work going on

But here in close vicinity is also one of the happiest roadwork signs you’ll ever see : )

Screenshot 2014-02-20 17.18.57