Notebooks are time machines


A list of things jotted down as doodling inspiration, from an old French class notebook:

coffee machines, spinning systems, rocket-ship consoles, deepsea creatures, l’ampoule, unconventional^ electric pylons, danish geometric cookie forms (sugar-sprinkled?), large traditional chinese kites, paper clip cities, country silhouettes/mapshapes, morning glory bugles, fancy compasses, construction blueprints, goldfish tail shapes, inside a mechanical pencil/ (inside mechanical somethings), ancient chinese designs, eastern & western typography, different filigrées, old keys (history of keys), ‘proper’ electric circuits, excitable polygons, cityscapes and skylines, boats -> gondolas and viking longboats, chemistry set, knot theory/race-courses, ‘scientific’ graphs, classic topology, fantastic umbrellas, elaborate cutlery, water fountain plans?, different number systems & numerals, finely shaped pen nibs, the insides of pockets?, stamp borders, printed units & labels, scorpions (preferably cartoon), jam logos & fonts, font moustaches, chinese architectural elements, metro networks and maps, diff. footprints and tracks, crafted earrings, character skeletons (chinese, english), embedded mazes, wingspans (bat, albatross..), oddball (map) legends, fabergé eggs!!! (clocks), metropolitan museum logo…