Get it louder

I snapped this random smattering of pictures at the 大声展/Get It Louder art exhibition that took place last September in Beijing.

Below are two frames of an animation short by Sun Xun/孙逊, whose work I thought was amazing (dynamic ink figures and scenes projected onto still texts):

I adored the purple pavilion built specially for the event: a sort of oversize hut made of lots and lots of shiny lightweight acrylic tiles that fluttered in the breeze and played nonstop with everything thrown at them, reflectively speaking. So much fun! I loved sitting by and watching everybody who passed it, from exhibit visitors to cleaning ladies and rushing businessmen, become at least temporarily intrigued.

A simple concept, yet an endearing structure that really came alive in and added to its settings. It was taken apart right after the exhibition ended, and it’s sad to think it no longer exists (I’m assuming).

More about the pavilion here, with muchly properer pictures and background info.