For my sister’s birthday, half of which we spent in London —we flew to Rome later in the day— we celebrated at a Lebanese restaurant, Yalla Yalla. (Thanks for the awesome rec, David!) They do amazing things with lamb, and all the desserts we ordered were pretty divine as well.

And then shortly after lunch it was a brisk trip to Heathrow and to..


I think Italy may be the country with the highest number of men dressed in suits wearing sunglasses asking for cigarettes outside churches in the world…

This was so good! Spaghetti topped with shrimp and a lemony cream sauce:

The City of Rome police logo features the legend of Romulus and Remus:

^My sister being model-esque in a quiet, picturesque alley.

Intense sandwiches!

Floor of the Vatican museums

This was very beautiful to look at from the top, but also very difficult to walk down. Definitely aesthetics > ergonomics for the architect who oversaw this one…

This painting by Donato Creti really stood out from the rest for me (which were almost without exception religious in theme). It beautifully depicts a series of astronomical studies.

If you ever wanted to write a letter to the pope…: